Формат Lossless — что такое? Музыка высокого качества в формате Lossless. ☊ Lossless карманный плеер BENJIE S5 Какой плеер лучше для lossless

FLAC offers the feasibility of rendering Hi-Fi music. The best FLAC music format deserves the best FLAC music player to present the best FLAC audio effect, of course. A high-quality FLAC player is surely better than the ordinary one to deliver the impressive, natural and emotional listening experience just as the artist truly intended. So, play FLAC music freely and savour every breath of the music through the professional FLAC music player for Mac or Windows listed below.

No. 1 5KPlayer – Professional FLAC Player for Windows & Mac

5KPlayer, topping Softonic Download Chart for several times, is a popular FLAC music player owning a strong fan base. It is available at no cost on Windows 10/8/7/Vista and Mac OS X/macOS to play both lossless FLAC WAV ALAC APE and lossy AAC MP3 AMR OGG etc formats in audiophile-quality. Ranking No.1 in the list of best music players 2019, 5KPlayer dethrones other FLAC players with its adaptability to DTS/Dolby surround sound, Hardware Acceleration for fast FLAC music playing, internet music radio connection, movie/DVD music playback, etc. As it is mentioned above, 5KPlayer"s multiple audio codecs make it a versatile audio player to handle a variety of audio files. Here, we would like to explore more about this FLAC player.

5KPlayer, as the term suggests, is a player for not only audio music but also video movie playback. Besides MP3 AAC OGG FLAC etc music player, 5KPlayer is a high resolution video player for 4K UHD 1080p 720p MKV M2TS MTS AVCHD etc videos movies playback smoothly.

End? Definitely not. Get this FLAC player and you will receive extra benefits. You can free download music FLAC MP3 AAC etc and videos movies MP4 FLV AVI WMV MKV etc from YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc and stream them to HDTV wirelessly at will. Video conversion ability is also built in 5KPlayer.

No. 2 VOX Player – Premium Mac FLAC Music Player

Aiming at delivering Hi-Res music, VOX FLAC Music Player is a powerful music solution only for Mac that you can use it to play FLAC, MP3, CUE, APE and M4A music files. To help you enjoy lossless streaming and HD audio, this FLAC Music Player for Mac has been equipped with VOX"s Audio Engine to fully utilize a Mac"s potential, making it possible for you to play Hi-Res Audio (HD Audio) with up to 24bit/192kHz, at 4 times higher than the standard 44kHz sound resolution. Like 5KPlayer, this FLAC player also supports 5.1 multichannel audio playback and Internet radio station connection for more online FLAC music. Better still, you can enjoy your iTunes music on Mac, search/browse and manage your music from Soundcloud, and use VOX FLAC Music Player Mac as a YouTube Music Player to stream any YouTube link on Mac.

No. 3 Elmedia Player for Mac – Play FLAC on macOS High Sierra/Sierra Easily

This multifunctional FLAC player can play pretty much any media files on your Mac. For as long as you throw a media file at it on Mac, it plays the music in a perfect manner. Meanwhile its also sports excellent utility to stream media files from mac to AirPlay devcies, or from iPhone to Mac. If you"d like to try Elmedia Player for Mac PRO version, you"re going to like its online video download functionality which simply helps you download video or music files from YouTube or other websites.

No. 4 Windows Media Player – Play FLAC on Windows with Codec Pack

Though Windows Media Player (12) supports almost 50+ formats, it unfortunately has not been configured by default to play FLAC lossless audio format. Can Windows Media Player play FLAC files? How to make WMP a real FLAC player? It is feasible if you make the FLAC format recognized by Windows Media Player (12). You can play FLAC files in Windows Media Player using a Directshow filter, which is a plugin that enables WMP to pretend to be a FLAC music player to read FLAC music files. Or by installing a codec pack like Windows Media Player codec , FLAC documentation developed by XIPH and FLAC codec developed by the Source Forge, you can upscale your WMP to be a professional FLAC player to support FLAC. Alternatively, you can convert FLAC to Windows Media Player more supported audio formats like WMA, MP3, WAV, AU and AIFF to play.

No. 5 Superfast FLAC Player for Windows&Mac - Winamp

Winamp is a basic FLAC player for both Windows and Mac, it supports Multi-languages including English, Chinese, Turkish, Romanian, etc. and consists of over 20,000 skins that you cancustomize the appearance of this FLAC media player at your choice!
As a professional music player, Winamp is able to play a wide range of music formats including MP3, WMA on Windows and Mac OS, and because it contains loads of plug-ins available, it can literally play every audio file you throw at it. Plus, because this FLAC music player software is small (only 12.43 MB) and simple, it works pretty quicker than any other FLAC players on almost all computers. The other bonus features including iPod Sync support, iTunes library import, etc makes it a fully featured music player and is also a really good replacement for iTunes.

No. 6 FLAC Music Player with Dynamic Range Compression - VLC Media Player

VLC is a well-known multi-media format player that supports playing FLAC natively. Normally people would apply it to play different videos files which other video player failed to play, but when it comes to music player, VLC media player is a bit chunky. You can still import FLAC files to this FLAC player and create your own FLAC music playlist, and it will play them without effort. It"s not mind-blowing though, just that the music quality is not gonna be 100% original because of its Dynamic Range Compression feature which will automatically make the sounds to adjust the hardware.

Besides, when playing video files with this FLAC player, you should also pay attention to the problem, make sure you won"t get an uncomfortable experience with this FLAC music player on all operating system.

Flac player (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is basically a format for audio coding. It is an open source. This format has the ability to compress the audio without much affecting the quality. If you were to compress the audio file, the Flac would normally let you shrink the file size to half of the original size. So if you are thinking that it is similar to WinZip, then you are correct. But, as Flac happens to be specially made to take care of audio files, it will do better than WinZip in the sound domain.

So this compressing wouldn’t compromise with the quality. As this is open-source, new versions keep on getting released from time to time, and a lot of improvement can be seen. There are some fine players that are available for Flac on Windows Operating system.

So all the Audiophiles, be geared up to find the best flac media players available for the Windows Operating System.

VLC Media Player

VideoLan Player (VLC Media Player) is another popular player amongst the users. VLC player supports FLAC format for audios. The player also has the ability to support video files. The player comes as a robust media player supporting a range of file formats. The flexibility to run almost any type of file makes it a winner from the list of other media players.

VLC media player is certainly a major player in the game with wide offerings. One major advantage that it holds is that it is free. People just cannot get enough of VLC media player. It can play almost any format of an audio file. VLC media player can be run on multiple platforms like Android, Linux and iOS.

You don’t have to worry even if you do not install the software on your machine, you can still run it from an external device like USB. VLC media player has been integrated with certain streaming channels, and this certainly strikes an advantage for the VLC media player.

The interface for the player is not a high-end one, so if you are looking for a player that can be customized as per your whims and fancies, then VLC media player may not be the player for you. But, if your concern is playing FLAC files or even other files, then this is one media player that you need to store it on your machine.

GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player comes next in the list of free FLAC players for the Windows operating system. With GOM Player you can easily play any FLAC files and also a wide range of other format files easily. It is one of the best platforms that offer advanced features to run media files.

GOM Player is a freeware that comes with an interactive GUI and provides you with lots of customization options. You can easily play HD format files with the help of GOM Media Player. The player also offers lyrics support and enable you to synchronize music files. The GOM player also offers text-to-speech output functionality to help you easily convert any file in audio format.

The player offers you the facility of playing your FLAC files or as a matter of fact any format files in a continuous repetitive loop with the help of “A-B repeat” functionality. GOM Player even plays damaged or locked files without any difficulty. It also allows you to stream media from the internet, thus maximizing your media experience.


foobar2000 is one of the best Flac audio players available for Windows Operating System. Foobar2000 is a freeware. The player is best admired by the users for the customization settings that it comes up with. The player just provides customization options in an unimaginable way. Users just love the interface because it can be operated with minimum efforts. There are advanced features that will help you to change the layout.

Developers will have the liberty to change the interface and get a new look as per the requirements. The player has got the ability for advanced tagging as well. For all the lazy people, the player comes along with few keyboard shortcuts that will save your time and efforts.

Along with the FLAC format, there is a range of other formats that will be supported by foobar2000. If you like to organize your things better, foobar2000 will let you do that as it offers a provision to create folders and handle media library. The player can handle a lot of content, so for people who have a large playlist with customized settings, this will be proving as a great player.

Users will also find Gapless playback feature along with ReplayGain. ReplayGain is basically a feature that would adjust the volumes automatically, without you having to change as different songs have different natural volumes. Users can find new releases for the player at regular intervals.

Amateur users may struggle in the beginning, but once they get a hang of it, they will be able to work smoothly.


Winamp is one of the oldest media players available in the market for the Windows operating system. With the course of time, Winamp has managed to release new versions to accommodate new features. Winamp was one of the most popular player used, but things changed as it could not excite the users anymore. But, the latest release may spark the fire amongst the users.

Winamp is certainly one such Flac player that will let you feel if you time-travelled to the old days, and drive you all nostalgic, all you need to do is just apply the old skins. The player may just consume more space than expected in your machine for the song library.

Users can manage the playlist with ease. If you seem to be more serious about the music that you listen to, then you may also rate the music and think of organizing the player well. Users can find information related to tracks, artists, and album from the player. So, all in all, the user can take care of his music library well with the help of the player.

If you happen to have digital device like iPod or any other, then you will be able to sync the Winamp player along with these devices. Importing the playlist is also quite an easy experience. If you ever wanted to surf online, you can do this as well with the Winamp, as there is an online browsing provision available. The switching of browsing and song-playing has been made easy, so you can listen to songs and navigate simultaneously with minimum efforts. You can even listen to some online radios.

If you play with some settings on the interface, you will understand that customization options are quite appealing. You have the control to choose the length of the information on the browser. The player also has an improved video player that looks quite strong. Winamp has many versions to offer, including a paid version.


MediaMonkey is another perfect media player available to run flac format on Windows Operating System. Once you get the player, you will see a default interface. The default one is quite simple to an extent that people may even not find it that interesting. But, users shouldn’t worry of this, as they will have a whole range of customizing options available. Users can get to change skins and apply the one that they like.

The moment you install it, the application will search for audio and video files on the machine. Once it does that, it will fetch all those files. You can smoothly organize the files as you want with the necessary information.

Users can also avail a paid version that is called as MediaMonkey Gold. But, basic version will offer you great features that will enthrall you for sure. You can manage the playlist, and if that falls short, you can even let the player find tracks from the device that is connected externally.

If at any point of time you think that playlist does not suffice, and you get a craving to listen to more songs, then you can always switch on to online radio channels that are available. Users can control the volume for the tracks also.

If you were to use MediaMonkey on the mobile device, it will be an easy experience. The application will work just fine, and you will be able to sync the player with your computer as well.


MusicBee is one fine media player that supports FLAC format along with some other formats on Windows Operating System. It pitches itself as a player for music management. MusicBee can be installed on the machine without any complications.

MusicBee also comes along with features like music management, music conversions, automatic playlist, automatic tagging and CD ripping. You can even tag manually. After running the installation, you can choose to import the music files from various other music libraries as well. Once you do that, you can organize your files as well.

If you want to change settings with regards to sound, then you have the equalizer available, and if still, this doesn’t cater to your requirements, you may think of getting additional plugins from other players like Winamp or change the existing settings. Either you can create your own playlist, or leave it to automatic playlist creation.

So far so good, but if you by chance happen to dislike the appearance, then you have the liberty to resort to customization and suit yourself. You can make the panels disappear if they tend to irritate you. To add more delight, you can change the skins for your player. But, you need to be cautious that if you meddle with the skin when the tracks are on, then the player will restart itself.

The experience with using MusicBee is amazing and the features that it comes along are more than enough to make you happy.

5K Player

5K Player is a top-notch media player available free for the Windows Operating system. The player allows you to run media files with High Definition, thus allowing you to truly enjoy your time while video viewing or listening to music.

5K Player supports almost all formats including FLAC files. It has a very easy to use interface with lots of customization options. It guides you through every option available for use and displays only important functionalities at the front of the layout.

5K player consists of two configuration windows that allow you to personalize your media experience. You can change the color and brightness settings in real-time when your videos are being played. The player lets you convert videos into MP3 or AAC file format, which is quite a unique functionality. 5K player also has an equalizer and tuner facility enabling to have an amazing audio experience.

You can also use the 5K player to download media files directly from YouTube or other online streaming services. 5K player gives you the freedom to connect with the television and play your audio or video files of any format without any glitches. All you require is an Airplay functionality to perform this task. 5K Player provides this Airplay feature, so that you can share media files to different speakers and screens


Trout is a great audio player that supports FLAC format for Windows Operating System. The player is also portable; this will save the headache of installing the software, although installing is quite smooth for Trout. Trout is such a player that runs on minimum resources and does not affect the performance of your computer.

Users can create folders and arrange the files easily. You will be also able to manage your playlists well using Trout. But if you were to compare the above-mentioned players with Trout for library management, then this application may take a backseat. But you can still work with tagging, searching, and editing. The application is not as heavy as other media players. If you happen to have an account on Last.fm, then you can sync that with Trout.

The player will work fine for the users who want a basic player with decent playing options. If you need a gaudy media player, then you might want something other than this. The navigation with Trout is simple and performing tasks related to tracks can be done effortlessly. The application is certainly for people who want it simple and sorted.


iTunes is another media player available on Windows OS that supports FLAC format. The platform is perfect for the people who are looking for a player that could help manage the music chores. Music lovers will be able to sort the tracks according to rating, artist, album or even year.

The application will also enable you to listen to online radio. Users will be happy to listen to stations where the songs are hand-picked by the music lovers. Users can even play podcasts. iTunes is an application that is equally compatible with mobile devise, as it is on the computer. You can even sync devices and get music from multiple platforms. This is a great feature that many users bank upon to enrich their music experience.

The interface that you see for the iTunes is also quite impressive. You can even reduce the dimensions and let the interface have a smaller window. The application will even provide recommendations based on your listening pattern. So don’t be surprised if iTunes comes with tracks from the genre that you love. You can even buy some songs online with this player.

Users will also be able to play with information about the file. They can even play the visualizer along with the tracks. The experience in using the iTunes can be rated as one of the best.


ZPlayer is an audio player that is built on Java platform, which supports a wide category of file formats including Flac. The player can be run MS Windows Operating System, Mac OS and Linux as well. The player is also quite popular amongst the mobile users, as it is used on the Android platform as well.

Users can even get new plugins for ZPlayer, if users are too fascinated by Winamp plugins, they may get those as well. Users can even take control of the sound by changing the settings with the equalizer. There is a provision for conversion that is automatic between channels.

As the application has been built upon Java, you need Java on your machine to run ZPlayer. Appearance wise, ZPlayer does not strike off as a high-end audio player. But, the player has got some great features that will simply overwhelm the users. Users can even get the player without any advertisements. The player will provide the users with the history of the songs played in the past. Based on the user behavior, the player can also suggest an auto-generated playlist.

If you have an account with last.fm, then you can even utilize the scrobbling feature with ZPlayer. Apart from this, you can even try listening to songs from the online radios that are available. Not familiar with English? You can expect support in some other languages as well. If audio was not enough, you can even play videos with the player. The player is certainly worth a try.


JetAudio is just another music player from the list available for Windows OS that will support FLAC format. The player also supports a lot of other file formats that are available for multimedia. JetAudio has been in the market since a long time.

JetAudio has a simple user interface which is very convenient to operate. One of the most intriguing features of the player is that its interface has 10-band spectrum visualization that acts an Equalizer to help you play different genres of music like Rock, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Vocal and many more.

Just name a format, be it audio or video, you will find that JetAudio has a provision to support it. It also helps you to record sound with abundant sound effects. You can also perform the action of CD burning and data conversion.

The player provides you with excellent personalization options. You can choose from wide variety of layouts to make the interface even more attractive. JetAudio also provides you the flexibility to create and design your own skins using JetAudio Skin Development Kit (SDK) feature.

Some of the additional features of JetAudio include visualization plugins that help to display animated visualizations in sync with the music being played. The player also provides lyrics support that provides you the ability to generate synchronized and unsynchronized lyrics for your music file.

The only drawback of JetAudio is that it doesn’t provide you the option of device syncing. You cannot even sync JetAudio MP3 players with the audio player.

Pot Player

Pot Player is one of the best media players available for the Windows operating system. Pot Player allows you to play different formats of files be it audio or video including FLAC files, with ease. It provides you with excellent functionalities with customization options.

Pot Player has a multifaceted interface with lots of options displayed for your use. It offers various playlist controls to personalize your media experience. With Pot Player you have the liberty to play audio and video files continuously. You can decide the starting and ending point of the file you want to repeat and Pot Player will use the A-B repeat feature to carry out the process.
Pot Player also allows you to play 3D files without any glitch. The player provides you the facility to load thousands of songs and videos, and play them back to back without even a blink.

You can use Pot Player to process and use the function of de-noising to get a clear audio file. It also enables you to play partially downloaded or damaged without any difficulty. Pot Player also comes with a unique feature called as “Hardware Acceleration”, with which you can boost the CPU’s speed to play heavy audio and video files easily, you are certainly to fall for this feature.

Сжат с использованием специальных lossless звуковых кодеков, его можно при желании восстановить с абсолютной точностью.

Если вы возьмете обыкновенный Audio CD диск с аналоговым звуком запишете его в формате WAV для звука без компрессии, затем выполните компрессию WAV с использованием кодека lossless, далее полученный звуковой файл декомпрессируете в WAV и результат запишете на чистый CD, то можете получить два совершенно идентичных Audio CD.

Преимущество lossless для хранения звуковой коллекции состоит в том, что качество записей намного выше, чем у lossy кодеков, а места они занимают меньше, чем несжатое аудио. Правда, файлы lossy меньше по размеру, чем музыкальные файлы без потери качества. Большая часть современных программ-плееров понимают формат lossless. Те программы, которые не в состоянии его воспроизводить, могут легко этому научиться, используя плагин lossless. Что такое звуковые форматы lossless?

Звуковые форматы без потери качества

Подлинного любителя музыки вряд ли устроит звучание музыки, записанной в форматах со сжатием Ogg Vorbis или MP3. Конечно, если аудиозаписи прослушивать на бытовой аудиоаппаратуре, недостатки звучания невозможно уловить на слух, но если попытаться проиграть сжатый файл на высококачественной аппаратуре класса Hi-Fi, сразу обнаружатся недочеты звука. Безусловно, создать коллекцию качественной музыки на CD или виниловых пластинках нелегко. Есть разумная альтернатива этому пути для любителей качественного звука - lossless музыка. Ее можно хранить на ПК в виде, дающем возможность сохранить неизменными исходные параметры музыки, даже если применено сжатие. Этот путь одновременно решает проблемы высокого качества музыки и компактного ее хранения, ведь аудиоаппаратура для прослушивания (наушники, колонки, усилители) имеет вполне доступную цену.

Несжатые форматы звука без потери качества:

  • CDDA — является стандартом аудио CD;
  • WAV — Microsoft Wave;
  • IFF-8SVX;
  • IFF-16SV;
  • AIFF;

Сжатые форматы:

  • FLAC;
  • APE - Monkey’s Audio;
  • M4A - Apple Lossless - формат качественной музыки от Apple;
  • WV - WavPack;
  • WMA - Windows Media Audio 9;
  • TTA - True Audio.
  • LPAC;
  • OFR - OptimFROG;
  • RKA - RKAU;
  • SHN - Shorten.

Формат FLAC

Самым распространенным форматом является формат От аудиокодеков с потерями его отличает то, что из звукового потока при его использовании не удаляется никаких данных. Это дает возможность с успехом использовать его для воспроизведения музыки на Hi-Fi- и Hi-End-оборудовании, а также для создания архива коллекции аудиозаписей.

Большим достоинством формата является его свободное распространение. Это немаловажно для музыкантов, самостоятельно записывающих музыку. Формат в последнее время приобрел большую популярность, благодаря чему его поддержка включена в подавляющее большинство медиапроигрывателей.

Формат APE

В отличие от FLAC, для формата APE имеются только лишь кодеки и плагины, рассчитанные на платформу Windows. Для других платформ имеются дорогие решения от сторонних производителей ПО. Алгоритм способен достичь сжатия звуковой информации без потерь примерно в 1,5-2 раза. В него входит три главных этапа кодирования, из которых лишь один основан на применении свойств, присущих звуку для сжатия. Остальные схожи с обычными архиваторами. Несмотря на то что алгоритм сжатия распространяется бесплатно, ограничения лицензии таковы, что для музыкантов-любителей он практически недоступен.

Формат Apple Lossless

Музыка высокого качества lossless может прослушиваться с использованием кодека сжатия звука без ущерба качеству от компании Apple. Этот формат разработан компанией Apple для использования в собственных устройствах. Формат совместим плеерами iPod, имеющими специальные док-разъемы и новейшие прошивки. В формате не применен специфический инструментарий управления правами (DRM), но формат контейнера содержит такие возможности. Также он поддерживается приложением QuickTime и входит в качестве функции в программу iTunes.

Формат входит в состав библиотек, находящихся в свободном доступе, что дает возможность организовать прослушивание файлов в приложениях Windows. В 2011 году компания Apple обнародовала исходные коды формата, что открывает широкие перспективы перед кодеком. В будущем он может составить серьезную конкуренцию прочим форматам. Тесты продемонстрировали неплохие результаты. Сжатые файлы имеют размер от 40-60% от размера оригиналов. Впечатляет также скорость декодирования, что оправдывает его применение для мобильных устройств, производительность которых невелика.

Одним из недостатков кодека является совпадение расширения звуковых файлов с аудиокодеком Это приводит к путанице, ведь AAC не является форматом музыки высокого качества. Поэтому решено было данные хранить в MP4 контейнере с расширением.m4a.

Из других форматов стоит упомянуть Windows Media Audio 9 Lossless, входящий в состав приложения Windows Media. Он работает с Windows и Mac OS X. Правда, пользователи отзываются о нем не очень одобрительно. Часто возникают проблемы с совместимостью кодека, да и количество поддерживаемых каналов ограничено шестью.

Формат WavPack

WavPack - еще один свободно распространяемый аудиокодек, сжимающий звуковую информацию без потерь качества. В WavPack интегрирован эксклюзивный комбинированный режим, позволяющий создавать два файла. Один из файлов в таком режиме создается сравнительно небольшого потерями качества.wv, который можно проигрывать самостоятельно. Второй файл «.wvc» корректирует предыдущий «.wv» и в комбинации с ним дает возможность в восстановить оригинал в полной мере. Некоторым пользователям такой подход может показаться перспективным, ведь не нужно выбирать между двумя видами сжатия - всегда будут реализованы оба.

Заслуживает также внимания видеокодек с высококачественным звуком - lagarith lossless codec. Он работает быстро и качественно.

Софт для прослушивания lossless-аудио

Программные плееры не сразу научились работать со специфическими lossless кодеками, которые могут без потерь воспроизвести звук.

Плеер WinAmp

Способен справиться практически со всеми форматами воспроизведения музыки без потерь качества lossless. Что такое хороший плеер lossless, можно понять на его примере. Он способен корректно справляться с обработкой отдельных треков в формате lossless. Это типичная проблема кодеков FLAC или APE. Она состоит в том, что оцифровывается сразу весь звуковой диск и записывается одним файлом без разделения на треки. Проблему разделения на треки призван решить добавочный файл, имеющий расширение.cue. Он содержит описание параметров доступа к каждому треку альбома. Обыкновенный плеер воспроизводит весь lossless файл целиком. Проигрыватель для lossless AIMP замечательно воспроизводит большую часть звуковых форматов и распознает треки в файле lossless формата.

Цифровые плееры с поддержкой lossless

Хорошо отзываются пользователи о цифровых плеерах jetAudio, Foobar2000, Spider Player. Кардинальных отличий между ними нет. Выбор любого устройства основывается на субъективном мнении меломана об удобстве интерфейса для воспроизведения lossless. Что такое lossless формат, можно узнать протестировав эти плееры.

Формат Apple Lossless проигрывается с использованием iTunes. Кроме того, данный кодек поддерживается популярным видеоплеером VLC.

Хозяева компьютеров, совместимых с Apple, могут использовать две интересные программы: Vox и Cog.

Они поддерживают такие lossless форматы:

  • Apple Lossless;
  • FLAC;
  • Monkeys Audio;
  • Wavpack.

Дополнительно к этому имеется много полезных возможностей, например поддерживаются сервисы Last.fm.

Владельцы компьютеров с системой Windows могут использовать любое приложение, которое совместимо с кодеками музыки без потери качества: Foobar2000 или WinAmp. Для Winamp требуются специальные плагины. Lossless музыка хорошо воспроизводится на iTunes и KMPlayer. Достоинство iTunes, которого нет в других плеерах - возможность поддержки тегов.

Устройства, совместимые с lossless

Вряд ли хозяин фонотеки захочет расходовать время на то, чтобы преобразовать файлы из формата FLAC в MP3, чтобы иметь возможность прослушивания записей на своем гаджете. У смартфона или планшета ограниченные возможности, несравнимые с компьютером, но тем не менее многие из мобильных устройств проигрывают lossless-форматы.

Например, владельцы устройств под управлением Android могут воспользоваться плеером andLess. Он способен проигрывать файлы в форматах FLAC, APE, несжатый WAV и другие форматы, поддерживаемые Android.

Хуже обстоят дела у владельцев устройств на платформе Blackberry. Лишь обладатели моделей Bold 9000 и 8900 и более поздних версий могут прослушивать lossless формат.

Обладатели устройств Apple без проблем могут использовать кодек ALAC. Он поддерживается плеером iPod (кроме shuffle), телефоном iPhone и планшетом iPad. Для формата FLAC можно скачать FLAC Player в App Store.

Кодек FLAC поддерживается устройствами Samsung Galaxy, некоторыми смартфонами Sony Ericsson и плеерами iriver.

Получили поддержку FLAC и стационарные устройства многих производителей. Медиаплееры и медиацентры позволяют обойтись без персонального компьютера при прослушивании композиций без потери качества.

Пока еще до полной поддержки абсолютно всех форматов далеко, но вполне хватает того, что медиаплеер понимает кодек FLAC - самый распространенный кодек качественной музыки lossless. Что такое аппаратура воспроизведения lossless?

Аппаратура для прослушивания

Чтобы получить настоящее удовольствие от качества звука, необходима специальная аппаратура: наушники, усилители, колонки. Проще всего, конечно, с наушниками. Если вы намерены наслаждаться музыкой сидя за компьютером, они подойдут лучше всего. Хорошо отзываются пользователи о продукции компаний Koss и Sennheiser. Особенное внимание нужно обратить на размер мембраны. Чем он больше, тем лучше звучание. Важно не обмануться. Некоторые производители ставят маленькую мембрану в большие амбушюры - выглядят такие наушники солидно, а звук пригоден лишь для прослушивания mp3.

Почитателям аппаратуры качественного звука (Hi-Fi или Hi-End) трудно что-либо рекомендовать. Выбор в этой области ограничивается лишь бюджетом и вкусами. Эквалайзер, усилитель, акустика - выбор этих устройств имеет множество вариантов. Владельцам ПК, выбирающим себе качественную лучше остановиться на бюджетных мониторных колонках любого известного бренда. Хорошо отзываются пользователи об акустике Microlab серии SOLO. Чтобы музыка в lossless качестве звучала хорошо, важно приобрести акустику с наличием сабвуфера. не под силу справиться с воспроизведением нижней полосы частот.


Новые форматы цифрового звука дали возможность любителям качественной музыки обзавестись собственными библиотеками на носителях информации большой емкости и слушать любимые композиции в высоком качестве, сэкономив достаточно большие деньги и довольно много места. Идеальным вариантом, безусловно, является полный комплект Hi-End оборудования, но и бюджетные варианты доставят меломанам огромное удовольствие. Ведь ощущения от прослушивания музыки несравнимы с MP3 на пластиковых колонках.